Trimming Shop 9mm Gunmetal Punk Studs Pyramid Head Hand Pressed For DIY Leathercraft Goth Spikes Decorative Pyramid Shaped Studs, 100pcs

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  • MULTIPURPOSE USAGE: These 9mm pyramid studs are versatile and can be used for Multiple crafting projects. It is suitable for creating custom made garments, shoes, bags, dress shirts and skirts
  • VERSATILE NOTIONS: The pyramid head metal punk is great for wide range of uses such as leathercrafts, clothing repairs scrapbook and DIY personalization
  • HIGH QUALITY: The punk studs are made with high quality metal materials and it will provide durability that will rely on your different projects
  • STURDY PYRAMID STUDS: The pyramid punk studs are good for decorative and look more fashionative on your DIY items. You can use this on your shoes and jackets. It has brand new design with good quality and very sturdy and easy to use
  • DECORATIVE DIY STUDS: These pyramid studs will come gunmetal, you can these pyramid studs on your DIY shoe, belts, bags, dress, skirts and look more fashionative


Pyramid stud put it on shoulders bags, hats, mobile back cover, belts, leather jackets etc.

Attaches easily - push the four prongs through the material of choice and then fold them down.
These are ideal for use to decorate many items such as clothes, bags, straps jackets or belts etc.


Available Size: 9mm

Material: Metal

Stud Shape: Pyramid Shape

Available Colour: Gunmetal


Good for decorating your DIY bags, leather, bracelets, clothes, shoes, belt, etc.

Attaches easily - push the four prongs through the material of choice and then fold them down

Easy to Attach and ideal for customizing Punk, Rock and Goth clothing

pyramid head punk studs are durable and made of high-quality metal

Cool and fashionable rivets, easy DIY for decoration on your bags, leather bracelets, clothes, shoes, etc.

Leathercraft DIY metal Stud

Fit standard dies or is easily set by hand on leather and fabrics

Package Includes: 100pcs Gunmetal Pyramid head Punk Studs

Color: Gun Metal / Black
Brand: Trimming Shop
EAN: 3953532173148

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