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Product Features: 1 x 70ml HIGH TEMPERATURE 1200'C ADHESIVE GLUE FOR REPAIRS OF EXHAUST SILENCERS & PIPES, COLLECTORS,, FIREPLACES, OVENS etc - KIT INCLUDE A PIECE OF A HEAT RESISTANT MESH, Fireproof silicate adhesive designed for assembly and repairs of exhaust systems, collectors and exhaust silencers, ovens, fireplaces, and damaged ceramic and metallic ducts, Resistant to fumes, dilute acids, water, chemicals and low temperature., PREMIUM QUALITY GLOVES for real high-temperature Fireplace, cooking, grill or smoker. This is due to Meta-Aramid fiber carbonizes & thickens when exposed to the extreme heat. This enhances the protective obstacle in between the heat source & the individual, assisting to decrease burn injury & offering important time to work or escape.