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Product Features: ➢High brightness chip: long service life, super high illumination brightness, stable no stroboscopic, stable current output, wear resistant power cord, ➢Efficient waterproof: The outdoor lamp is made of sturdy aluminum alloy with IP66 protection. No matter the rain, snow, heat or cold environment, it can ensure the normal operation of the light, perfect as outdoor lighting to ensure home safety., ➢ Tempered glass: high strength hardness, anti-storm resistance, high temperature resistance, bold breakthrough glass strengthening, long life, ➢ Longer service life: This new series of LED chips has more space between them to prevent heat concentration and increase heat dissipation, making the life of the floodlights more than 50,000 hours., ➢ Wide range of uses:Floodlights can be used indoors and outdoors for ceilings, walls, garages, floors, basketball and football fields, gardens, hotels, parking lots and courtyards or any area requiring large area lighting, LED table magnifier lamp