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Product Features: Highly Nutritional: Live locusts are a favourite meal for lizards and reptiles, with some of the best nutritional values - the insect's high vegetable gut content makes the perfect food for your pet., Ideal for Various Reptiles: This is the perfect live food for the bearded dragon, leopard geckos, frogs, chameleons, the water dragon and more!, Natural Food: Live locusts will promote a natural hunting, stalking and waiting behaviour from your reptile., Fresh Food: Our live locusts will stay fresh for approximately one week in a cool place - for longer life, place the locusts in a suitable well-ventilated, heated container., Versatile Pet Food: Live locusts are also great for most lizards, spiders, frogs, mantis, ferrets, rats, hamsters and birds., Versatile Food: Our jelly pots are suitable treats for all fruit-loving reptiles, as well as all beetles, millipedes, parrots and nectar-loving creatures.