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Product Features: - Green Natural material, solid wood, with natural wood aroma, hard insulation, green health and environmental protection products, durable waterproof, sun and moisture.Due to the strength and antibacterial properties of the material, the foot bath is suitable for intensive use Of family hotels, education and medical institutions., ●When use a foot bath? - When fatigue occurs, the blood circulation of the foot first occurs. When the disease is sick, the blood circulation of the foot is even worse. At this time, the lactic acid in the blood increases, and The human body feels uncomfortable. Hot water foot bath can reduce lactic acid in the blood, which is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue., ●The barrel is small, the effect is very big - promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, promote metabolism, health and beauty, brain and brain protection., ●Tip: Soak your feet for 20~30 minutes with 40~50°C water. The blood flow of the whole body increases, 10~13 times for women and 13~18 times for men. Obviously, a hot foot bath can improve Blood circulation., ●Enjoy all year round: In the spring, we wash our feet and we have a solid body. In the summer, we bathe in the summer, wet in the summer, soak in the feet in the fall, soak in the lungs, soak In the feet in the winter, and burn in the pubic area., Solid wood frame