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Product Features: The chamfering characteristics of the corners of the door and window and the corner of the wall column: 1, The width of the chamfer can be adjusted (1~4mm) 2, Suitable for any brand of marble machine (115mm) 3, High quality and fast, 2.4 meters corner piecing needs only 2 minutes to complete, 1.The quality of the cutting piece must be good to ensure that cutting marble more than 100 meters. 2. The end of the cutting piece is controlled to be within 0.4mm. 3, The cutting piece must be able to cut tiles, marble and granite., The chamfering device relies on the smooth movement of the pulleys on the brick surface. The unevenness of the brick surface is not smooth. The bricks with a thickness of 12mm or less can be cut by one cutting, and more than 12mm thickness, the brick needs to be manually cut off with another cutting on the back of the brick, and the spelled out corner does not affect the appearance., A cutting machine without degree adjustment can be installed with a chamfer, first pour the whole brick into a good corner and then cut the big brick into small pieces so that you can cut out the angle of any width., Aluminum alloy tile chamfering machine, high efficiency, precision, easy, fast, one-piece fit, the guide wheel and tile corners fit completely, and the brick does not collapse., Electric motor means no petrol fumes